PS-35K Hybrid Power Supply System

1. Summary   

This hybrid power system is characterized by module design, makes the  system scalable and extendable from 2kW up to 35kW, so the users have  the possibility to consider investment in phases.  One subrack will hold all the modules including one monitor module and  others controlling modules used  for all optional energy sources either from  mains, diesel generator, solar, wind or battery bank.  The consequence of charging and discharging status can be set on the  LVD connected to the  monitor module with priority of utilizing  renewable energy. It will serve as a main or supplement power supply, saving a lot for the  telecom BTS, small and  medium size enterprises, corporate, and  government buildings.

2. Main Performance      

System can simultaneously manage either solar, wind, main AC power or diesel gen-set AC power combined with Sacred Sun’s all optional battery banks to supply the full solution  of energy storing system;All main components are designed in module type, so users can make up the power system as per their own will and budget;System using solar and wind energy resources of priority to save as much as fossil fuel while ensuring the continuous power supply;All modules can be connected in parallel to extending the capacity, with characteristic of high reliability, simple combinations, and easy expansion;One monitor module controlling all other modules, is of multiple functions of monitoring, alarm, automatic over-voltage, under-voltage protection and power-limited protection , extended control capabilities;System has a standard RS232 interface, or the installation of GPRS Modem, can be wired or wireless remote monitoring;

3. Controlling System Parameter


Hybrid Energy Management System

Rated output   voltage  (V  dc)


Rated output current  (A)


Quantity of solar modules

Extendable to 6 PCS, from 50~ 300 A

Quantity of wind module

Extendable to 2 PCS, from 40 ~80 A

Quantity of Rectifier module

Extendable to 6 PCS, from 50~ 300 A

Quantity of Inverter

1 PCS,  48V /220 V ac/2 KVA

ATS for Mains& DG

2- way  A C (3 – phase), auto - switching , 100A per phase

Input capacity of solar panels

3 inputs, the maximum of each channel is 7KW, requested string  voltage 240 V dc ~ 400 V dc

Input capacity of wind turbine

Each  wind module can manage a 2 KW wind turbine


Float/Equalizing charge, the parameter can be set

Battery temperature compensation

- 3m  v/ / cell (can be set)

Ambient temperature

- 20   + 55

Elevation (m)


Monitoring functions

Either Solar Power, or wind power or Generator or battery bank or  mains can be used, or simultaneously, in both indoors & outdoors  application. Battery temperature is measured and alarm will start when  temperature is over the set.


Reversed connection of solar or battery solar; over charging &  discharging, open circuit of battery; over voltage of load; overload or short  circuit of output, will be prevented

Back-up controller

Spare generator on / off ; alarm of dry contact signal output;  Multi - stage load on / o f control


Standard 23 inch rack, height*width*depth : 600 mm × 600 mm × 2000  mm

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