About Us

We, FnS Power Technology Inc., a subsidiary of a Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed company, are specializing in renewable energy Storage as our sole business. We have shaped a clear strategy and roadmap for developing renewable energy utilization in last 5 years.


Our R&D team consists of proficient technical personnel from various fields covering power electronics, new energy application, chemical energy storage device, structure components and project construction.

Our core competence lies in 20 years exploration in solar and alternative energy storage battery technology, manufacturing and troubleshooting in field application. We gain edges over various of integrators or fabricators who have no ideas about the most crucial components-battery. By our knowledge of the weakest points in the renewable energy storing system, we are in a better position to launch the most optimized systems with the highest cost-effective performance.

We define the overall renewable energy utilization into 4 sectors from the point view of the users. Up to now, we are leading the supply of full range renewable energy storage solutions, serving households, Industries and Communities:

1.SmartEnergy: DC solutions, 10W-300W, delivering the basic required electricity for the households;

2.CoolEnergy: AC solutions, 300W-10kW, improving electricity quality for households with unstable power supply;

3.PowerSaver: Industrial smart hybrid power supply solutions, from 2kW up to 35KW, alternative power supply for organizations as back up or main power supply with a substantial cost saving;

4.PoweRiver: Commercial or industrial power plant solutions, 40kW above, storing and utilizing the renewable energy most efficiently to serve communities.

We are setting up worldwide distribution network and open to welcome new partners who share the same mission and vision with us.

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