Range Summary

Promising to contribute in ending world energycrisis,FNS introduces series which can be usedin urban or remote areas,  in normal or emergencyconditions. This range includes DC-DC systems from 10W~300W, depending upon consumption needs. With years of experience, FNS will always strive with providing economical and reliable systems at the same time.


Comparison Among Various Battery Solutions

Main Features            

1.10W –300W DC solutions supply basic need of power wherever there is sunshine. 2.Portable charging device takes in as much power as possible.           

3.Flexible integrated design can be placed everywhere.           

4.The whole system with built-in battery delivers various expected  cost-effective solutions.         

5.Battery solutions are optional among Economy, Standard, Premium and upreme series, availablefrom Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources Co.,Ltd, the most complete range of solar battery manufacturer for more than 22 years. 

6. Small generator supply unlimited power for mobile, LEDs, recreational electronics devices.         

7. Almost zero cost power supply within the service life. 


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